Signature in Mutt

Mutt is text-based email-client for Unix-like systems. People like it because of the geeky environment it provides and the ease with which it manages and loads your inbox. If you’re one of them then you might be facing the problem of invisible-signature i.e mails sent using mutt do not show your signature.
Here’s the solution to that.
We need to configure a file called  .muttrc  where all the mutt settings are stored. It is usually in home directory or in  ~/.mutt/. Open this file to edit. Type in

set signature        =     ~/.mutt/sig           # my signature file

and close it.  Now open the terminal and copy the following steps:

cd ~/.mutt/
nano sig

This will open nano editor with sig filename. Type in your desired siganture and close the editor. (Ctrl-x and y).  Thats it, now all your emails sent by mutt will have signature with them. Happy mailing!




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