MultiBoot through USB stick

Once in a life, we all must have made a bootable USB drive to install an operating system or using it in live mode.If you havent , dont worry there are plenty of other wonderful things in life to do having multiple operating systems on your single usb drive instead of one.  :p

Multisystem LiveUSB Tool  makes this possible.It uses grub2 instead of grub legacy and creates a multiboot usb flash drive having various linux distributions.Lets look at the procedure to install it.

1.Download the Multisystem LiveUSB Tool and extract it with Archive Manager  or any other depending upon your linux distribution.It is also available on SourceForge.
Download Here


3.Double click and select the option to “Run in Terminal”.

This installs Multisystem LiveUSB Tool.

Using Multisystem LiveUSB Tool:

1.Insert your USB flash drive.

2.Launch the script via Applications > Accessories > MultiBoot or search for MultiBoot.

3.Select your USB Device from the list and click Validate.

4.Now simply drag and drop the ISO images of your favorite distributions.

5.Restart your system, select the boot menu and your distro and you are good to go.


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