IRC : A chat protocol

IRC is an open protocol that uses TCP and, optionally, TLS. An IRC server can connect to other IRC servers to expand the IRC network.

IRC  stands for Internet Relay Chat.It is a part of application layer.It was designed as a worldwide forum for public and private discussions. An IRC network consists of a set of interconnected servers. Once users are connected to an IRC server, they can converse with other users connected to any server in the IRC network. IRC provides for group communication, via named channels, as well as personal communication through “private” messages.

To use IRC we need to install an IRC client.On linux, we can do it with:

 sudo  apt-get  install  irssi

This installs ircll client.You may install any other client if you wish so.

After installing, type in terminal:


IRC client will start up,now type at the bottom of the terminal:


Then you need to join a channel,type in:

/join  #channel-name
//join #channel-name: creates channel if it doesnt exist.

Now you’re ready to chat.Some useful commands to make your life easy are:

  • /who * : lists users in current channel
  • /list : lists all the channels
  • /msg NICK : sends a private message to nick
  • /part #channel : close current channel
  • /server server-hostname : connect to specified server-name
  • /away <message> : leave a message that you’re not attending the channel
  • /quit : exit all IRC channels

Chat On! 🙂


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