Torrent in Terminal

Torrent probably is the most used program after Terminal for movie-buffs who also happened to be the linux users like me 😛 . This post shows how to use terminal for downloading torrent instead of using separate program for it.

Command-line application rTorrent does the job of downloading torrent in terminal itself.


1.Open the Terminal.

2.Download rTorrent using the command in terminal in debian based systems.

sudo apt-get install rtorrent

3.After installing rTorrent open it using the command rtorrent in terminal. It opens rTorrent UI.

*** rTorrent 0.9.2/0.13.2 - like-a-boss:3371 ***
[View: main]






(11:56:24) Using 'epoll' based polling.
(11:56:24) Using 'epoll' based polling.
(11:56:24) Using 'epoll' based polling.
(11:56:24) Could not read resource file: ~/.rtorrent.rc
[Throttle off/off KB] [Rate 0.0/ 0.0 KB] [Port: 6989] [U 0/0] [D 0/0] [H 0/3]

4.Press “Enter” it will show “load.normal>” at the bottom of the window.


5.Now copy the URL of torrent file and paste it. For example:“”. Then press enter.

6.It loads the torrent and it will not download.

7.Press Down or Up arrow key to select the loaded torrent and then Press “Ctrl+S”. The selected torrent will be denoted by “*” symbol.

8.Now your torrent starts downloading.

9.To stop the torrent use “Ctrl+D”.

10.To quit from rTorrent use “Ctrl+Q”.

Go Torrent 🙂


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