Summer Training, Day 2

Reached at 9.30 a.m. in TCC. Got to know LibreHatti will be developed now in Django1.7 beta version. So upgraded to 1.7b. Three of my friends were to give presentations today. It was their first presentations in gd. Divyanshi and Gunpreet pulled off well. Amitt hadnt prepared much as he was not well last night. So,he told me to raise my doubts regarding Django installation and poll app and he will clarify which will prepare him for the presentation. Shortage of time didnt give him chance to speak. ‘’ is actually great though it says it is outdated. I spent some time on this website for grasping Django concepts. Later,Deepak Sharma explained the Souvenir project. Latex,laravel and node.js frameworks will be used in this. I really wanted to join this project but it required me to leave the LibreHatti project and I dont want to leave it. I hope there was a scenario such that I can contribute to both.


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