Summer Training, Day 3

Most productive day so far. 9.05 a.m seemed too early to reach TCC as only few were present. Our seniors, Gurjot and Jasvir were busy in configuring the TCC wifi. I had some doubts about IRC commands so I googled them. Few minutes later, Amitt arrived and told about his progress in  Souvenir. I decided to get my hands dirty  with those frameworks too later in the day. Rest of the day was just about me and djangobook. There were presentations by CAD team in the afternoon. And yes, we got the internet :). There are 4 routers now with manually assigned IP addresses instead of automatic DHCP. After coming back to pg, I installed nginx, sass and compass. Currently facing the same problem as my friend Amitt i.e. how to run phpmyadmin on nginx.


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