Summer Training, Day 5

Today marked the 5th day of my training. I reached at 9.20 a.m in TCC still it looked like too early to arrive. A special presentation was scheduled today at 10 a.m. It was by Satyam Malhotra who recently had 6 months training at IISc, Bangalore. In the meantime, I spent few time on looking at the LibreHatti code since it had some installation problems. With some help from our senior Jasvir, the problem was resolved. Later, I looked at the CodeIgniter tutorial. It looked a little odd since I’ve zero knowledge of php. But I’ve to adapt to it. Though not at 10, but the presentation started eventually. It was about 3d printing. Something to which I can relate just by youtube videos and by my imagination. Being trainee at IISc, he must have had the exposure and experience at the best technology India has. Slides were shown of different types of 3d scanners. He explained about their working too. Students would have been more clear about the concepts if he also had shown some related videos. I mean its not easy to imagine an AK-47 getting 3d printed, which actually was in Israel as he said. Almost anything in the world can be printed out with the suitable material. Got to know hexagon is the perfect shape in nature. Bees are the ones who make use of this fact more than any of us. It is visible in the honeycombs they construct. Later in the day, the shocker was the result :o. Though, it turned out to be good  for all my friends. 🙂

P.S:  Couldnt  post the yesterday’s daily post as I was not well so I dozed off early.


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