A week older trainee…

Summer Training, Day 6 ( June 7, 2014 )

Reached TCC at 8:30 as I and Amitt planned the night before to start our work early. But as I reached there, I got a call from Amitt. He was unwell and so, couldn’t come. The initial hour was peaceful as 8:30 is too early to reach TCC. I continued with the CodeIgniter tutorial alone without Amitt. I was also asked to make a page using SASS. Later, I talked to Deepak about me being in two projects at one time. He made me understand how difficult it would be for me to manage two projects at the same time. And as it is said, the person attempting to travel two roads at once will get nowhere. So, I decided to stick to LibreHatti. Later, we all got engaged in the IRC chat with the LibreHattians, discussing about the tasks and their progress. After the chat session ended, we went for the lunch break. It extended only for a short duration as we could not stand up the heat outside. After reaching TCC with our loaded stomachs, we continued to work again. Two of the presentations were also scheduled after the break – the first presentation was given by Sanjeet about virtual environment. I followed her side by side and learnt to set up the virtual environment. It was followed by Arun’s presentation on Doxygen. It was useful too. Finally, Rai sir exchanged his words with us and knowingly or unknowingly, he suggested all of us to be with a single project at a time. Adding to it, he also suggested to keep an eye on the progress of some other project, in case you are interested in. I kept his words in my mind. This ended the first week of training and I can count myself as a week older trainee now. šŸ˜‰ Excited and determined for the coming weeks. šŸ™‚


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