Summer Training, Day 7

Travelling straight from home, reached TCC late at about 10pm, after 3.30hrs of journey . Everyone was busy in their work. I asked Divyanshi and Saloni to make me understand the concept of using test suites in Django. They themselves looked confused at starting, but later explained why tests are needed. Still not clear, but I think I’ve the idea now. Hopefully their tomorrow’s presentation will make it more clear. Jaskaran called me to help him install LibreHatti since the cloned repository had some errors and I had solved it. But even on making those changes, installation failed. Later, he realised it was a silly spelling mistake. πŸ˜› After Gunpreet’s standard coding style changes were merged, some more errors arose. So got rid of them. Most of them were letter-case changes. Jaskaran pushed them. Later I and Arun were given the task of generating reports for LibreHatti. Its complete and we’ll show it to Inder tomorrow. πŸ™‚ Β 


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