Just another day..

Being marked absent if your failed to reach TCC  before 9.30  a.m. compelled everyone to reach early. So at 9.20  when you see only few faces almost everyone was present.  A MCA student had some doubts about CGI and git. I cleared them to her satisfaction. Not that I’m expert but I was the only one besides Amitt(who hadnt arrived yet) whom she knew as our super senior Harman had once asked us to look at her problem. Besides she had basic doubts, so my basic knowledge was sufficient. Then I went to see my semester exams. I never understand why they show us exams if they’ve to tell you beforehand “dont argue over the marks given”, then what have we come for, just to recompute the total? Anyways, S.P and C.N. evaluation disappointed me. No worries,  as I see my past now, I realise female teachers have always been reluctant to give me marks 😛 . And now I’m thinking blogging is a good way to say all whats inside you ;).


Ok, back at Tcc and now satwant was about to give presentation on pointers. She explained really well and I understood what was all going on in yesterday’s seminar. Type casting is the thing  :P.  Later, while making view for general report, I spotted an error when we add Customers in LibreHatti. I tried it on Amitt and others. All had the same problem. But the bigger problem was all had same problem except me :P. I had same foreign key issue while they had an extra argument in __unicode__ which was removed then. Mine problem is yet to be solved. I guess its something to do with django version. All are working  on 1.7 beta while I’m still on 1.5. I’ve removed every file related to 1.5 but somehow it still exists and almost haunts me. I’ve shown it to Jasvir. Even he was confused and now I’ll ask it on IRC channel of django.


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