Two Down…

The 2nd week ended ( 2 down, 4 more to go ) leaving me a little short of confidence. After finishing with the django book, I felt as if I was all set to do the coding part. It was Thursday evening, when I and Aashita were made clear about our task related to bills. The confidence and excitement I had, seemed to vanish as I progressed with my task. The time we were being assigned our task, I keenly nodded my head in affirmation to do the views part for I thought the template part was already known to me and the views part was greener. Aashita was assigned the templates part. The template had to be done first so that I could pass values to the variables used in the template file through views. Friday was spent in understanding and making an overview of the things as I waited for Aashita to complete her part. Though, she wasn’t much clear about the loops, variables initially, yet, she managed to display a table somehow. I was suspicious about her code at first and was not able to understand the template. But, since she was confident about it, I started with the views part at the end. When I continued doing this at the weekend, my confidence appeared to fade. I was not able to understand some parts of the template code and thus couldn’t relate views with it. How silly I was to think the task to be a job of just an hour or so.
<strong>Learning By Doing </strong>

The third week ( June 16, 2014 ) renewed my confidence in myself. My suspicion was true and Jaskaran Bhaiya helped Aashita to understand things in a better way. Finally, I understood the template part as Aashita corrected and almost completed it. Though she, still, has some minor things to be corrected but, she spent her nights to put this near to completion. ( Good job, dude ! 😉 ) Jasvir Bhaiya cleared some of my doubts. Saloni and Amitt too helped me in this. I proceeded with the views…encountered errors…corrected them…encountered more errors…corrected them too… 😛 Though this was time consuming, but this made my learning effective. I also had a wonderful realization today – “You learn by doing” — Waiting for the things to happen won’t make things happen…You gotta get up…get your fingers onto the laptop..eyes onto the screen…mind in to your task.
The django book I studied the past week did not complete my learning part. The actual learning started today as I began coding for a situation that was out of the walls of the book. Though, the task is small, but small things do bring greater realizations. Though, I am not yet done with the views but it is near to completion. I have searched restlessly for 2-3 problems I am encountering. I hope that would be solved by tomorrow and make me vacant for some new task. Hail Django ! 😉


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