The Bent Tuesday

Confused, right ? I, too, was. This Tuesday wasn’t as normal as other days. It was bent with few hammer-strikes. It started with a puzzle of finding every friend of mine as I reached TCC. My eyes were searching their faces among all sitting there but could find none except Divyanshi. (who herself was lost in the same hunt 😛 ) Surprisingly, Jasvir Bhaiya, too, was hunting for us. The hammer struck for the second time as he added ” Shaamat aayi hai tuhadi” . 😛 We started making guesses – where could they be ? Were all of them late on the same day ? Finally, we called them. They were in library, as they feel they can concentrate more there. 😉 As they say – “Library mein vo feeling aati hai…kuch karne ki feeling” 😛 😉 They were then asked to come to TCC on Jasvir Bhaiya’s demand. I and Divyanshi then started discussing about our problems in the current task with Jaskaran Bhaiya. While we were in this talk, we could see Jasvir Bhaiya and our friends having some good conversation. After we finished our talk and asked our friends about the conversation, the hammer struck again, that bent this Tuesday.
We were asked to make a Django App in 2 hours. And, and, and if there comes no result, we could be thrown out of LibreHatti. This was the final hammer strike that led to this ‘Twisted Tuesday’. 😉 We all sat, to first, decide the app or build the idea for the application we were going to make. At first, no idea struck my mind. I was blank. Somehow, later some thoughts started rushing my mind. I, initially, decided to make an app that searched for songs and its details. But later I found this silly 😛 and shifted my idea to make an application that takes the Roll No. and generates the Fee-Slip for the specified student. I also wanted to include a password field but since I had no idea how to proceed with that (since, I was also concerned about the time limit ), so, I reserved this thing for future. Divyanshi decided to make the Recipe App, others also had wonderful ideas. I and Divyanshi could find analogy in our apps and started our own apps together. Our brains did work faster this time. 😉 Our break time ended in 10 minutes or less.

Time passed and it was 3:30 ( our time limit ). I and Divyanshi were almost done with the minimal things required to run our app but still, since Jasvir Bhaiya wasn’t there, we luckily got some more time. We were finally done with the minimal things for the app. We, then, typed the URL in the browser ( with fingers crossed ) but we were disappointed. Our App didn’t work. 😦 We were getting newer errors one by one. We were able to solve the minor errors but we stopped at one place as we couldn’t find any solution. By that time, Jasvir Bhaiya came and asked for the status of our apps. No one had completed it. Some of them were on their way towards completion while some were encountering errors. We were a little different. We were done but still not done. 😛 Our code was running in the python shell but it showed errors when executed in the views. 😦 I was reluctant to ask for help from Jasvir Bhaiya as I was disappointed from myself for not being able to develop a minor app properly. But, later when he asked to show him the error, I and Divyanshi finally showed him our code. He solved the problem. Though it took time but he solved that. Relief ! 🙂 My App, finally did, work. 😀 But, Divyanshi was still struggling with the errors.
It was almost 6 when I realized about the time. I, then sat with her so that we could look for the solution. I don’t know what suddenly happened – I started feeling like vomiting. It was giddiness. My head was spinning and I thought I would faint within no seconds. I went to a corner, sat silently for some time and then went to drink water. It took time but later I felt better. ( after drinking bulk of water 😛 ) I then continued along with Divyanshi to solve her problem and finally we succeeded. It was almost 8 when I reached home and was welcomed with my father’s wrath followed by my mother. I was asked to reach home on time in future.
My app wasn’t still complete, so, I continued with it. Seeing me with my laptop again, my mother burst with anger and berated me for being careless with my health ( as I told her about the giddiness I felt ) and other things. 😦 I promised her to be careful about my health for her assurance. I couldn’t make much improvements in my app and slept early around 12:30 with a smile that this bent Tuesday brought, at last. 🙂


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