July begins…

The monsoon have started and I enjoyed first day at my home watching the match of Germany late night even not bothering about that I have to get back to college and complete the pending task as this was the first time I was watching a live world cup match this year, a short midnight break from training :p. I slept only for an hour and was awake at 4 in morning, it was raining at my place but when I reached Ludhiana there was no rain at all.
Monsoon and Ludhiana do not get along so well as far as I’ve noticed in past 2 years :p. Reacded TCC at 9.15 and resumed the task to add constraints in LibreHatti search. The task was completed but I wasnt satisfied with the code. Looks like we have to make a function to reduce the code. Later, I worked on Aashita’s problem of saving a from with foreign keys. I was sleep-struck and my brain was jammed, however on reaching PG I realized the problem was not a problem :p. We were just using the wrong syntax. Rest of the time was spent on learning latex and waiting for rain.




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