Writing Latex

I was to deliver a presentation on writing Maths involving calculus and curves friday, so I started by the installation of latex. On giving the installation command, it failed and gave a long error.  The  last line was E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1). I  looked it up on the internet. The solution was sudo dpkg –configure -a . Typing this showed me package that was not properly installed. I removed the package and solved the error. This almost took an hour. Then I started the installation and started reading about maths in latex side by side. By 1.30 pm, I just had 30 mb of latex downloaded as TCC internet doesnt love my laptop. It’ll disconnect itself every 15 minutes. Now it was impossible for me to download more than 1 gb today, I told Amitt to get installed as he has broadband at home. Meanwhile, I would use online latex compiler to compile and download my pdf. By the end of the day at TCC, I was acquainted with the basic maths syntax in latex and had completed one of the 5 questions. Amitt was working on the second one. Then came the best part of the day, Rain! :). Spent an hour with friends having tea in college.



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