No Presentation

I woke up early in the morning as I still hadnt completed all the questions. There were still no curves drawn. Last night, I had searched about this and came across two packages tickz and pstricks in latex.  I chose pstricks for no particular reason and started reading its documentation. After some time I was able to draw  few basic shapes in latex. By 11 am, I was finished with curves too. But then came the twist. pstricks package doesnt work with pdflatex :\. Till now, I was doing all this on an online editor where everything worked fine. But when I compiled on Amitt’s laptop, which had latex installed, I found this problem.  pdflatex is the utility we use to compile and convert our tex program to pdf. We searched on internet and found we have to use –shell-escape option with pdflatex command to make pstricks package work. It worked, and we could see the curves in our pdf but now the new problem was the curve was tilted. I was so much frustrated. It took me so much time to go through its working, only to find out that it doesnt work properly with pdflatex. Xetex, as I read on internet can be used instead of pdflatex but still I havent tried. However, later in the day Sir were not present and Inderpreet started with an interesting topic of lucid dreams  and time management, our presentation was postponed to monday.


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