Summarizing the 5th week….

<p>July 5, 2014</p>
<p>The last working day of fifth week ended deliciously with the pizza and the moose cake. šŸ˜‰ It was the presentation day. The Big Data team and the students under Sehra Sir’s training were the new guests in our Home, TCC. This reminds me of a casual question that was asked by Navjot Singh, ‘What do you call this place ? Seminar Hall or classroom or what ?’ “HOME”, a voice answered. šŸ™‚ It was Gaganjyot ( just loved the way, he answered this. ) The presentation ceremony started as Charu addressed the audience and gave some instructions to be followed that included things like putting your phone on silent mode etc. She then handed over the stage to Inderpreet Singh who dedicated his presentation to Aaron Swartz. ( Don’t know who is Aaron Swartz ? Keep Calm and Search! šŸ˜‰ ) He also brought Google goodies to lure the audience. šŸ˜› No different, I too was lured. šŸ˜› I wanted that pen badly, but it wasn’t in my destiny, today. šŸ˜¦ ( ‘destiny’…strong word, Isn’t it ? šŸ˜› ) Inder’s presentation was followed by an introductory session with Navjot Singh Tung which was further taken over by the students who were working on their project that could tell how many people are thinking negative or positive about one thing or other by fetching the Twitter tweets. Nice !<br />
The day ended soon after the presentations and we thought of paying attention to our stomach’s call šŸ˜› or actually, our tongue’s call. šŸ˜› ( As mumma says, sab jibh da swaad hai šŸ˜› ) We went for a tiny pizza party. Such unplanned small treats are the best ones. :)</p>
<p><em>Summarizing</em>…..<br />
Things done this week :</p>
<li>Search task completed, pushed and perhaps, merged, too ! :)</li>
<li> Started with Latex. </li>
<p>The fifth week wasn’t straight. It had many ups and downs. Having done the first task, I had sent the pull request very confidently ( a few weeks ago ). But, yesterday I realized about my mistake of not sending the things properly for what I pulled wasn’t supposed to be. I was already surrounded by so many hurdles ( in the current task) that knowing about this frustrated me. It did help in sinking my confidence and distracted me from the current task. ‘I am dumb’, I thought. ( It rained too šŸ˜› …salty drops šŸ˜› ) As usual, my friends are experts in drying things. šŸ˜› I was back again after the break time and decided to set everything right. Apart from this, I started with Latex.<br />
With this, the fifth week ended and there’s last one to go. Hope we complete the targets. šŸ™‚ </p>


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