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Certificate Generation

I began with certificate generation module. This is a service provided by the website. I was getting problem in setting the correct format of the text. It was not according to the requirements. So modifications were made. Now it works properly.


The NewsLetter Service

Started with the News Letter Module. The news will be delivered using RSS feeds. So by this the users will actually be able to apply for the real jobs.

Got problem in sending the mail to the user. First, sendmail was installed for this. But mail cannot be sent to a gmail id using sendmail, reason being that it does not make localhost the smtp server.

Then I used postfix. Through postfix, we were able to send but gmail requires some certificates. The postfix does not provide ca certificate. So we used msmtp which provides all the certificates- ssl and ca.

Continuing With the Resume Creation Service

After solving the problem of profile picture in resume creation, next problem occurred in saving the resume.  For saving this file, output buffer was used. It was ob_start(). This function will turn output buffering on. While output buffering is active no output is sent from the script (other than headers), instead the output is stored in an internal buffer.  Output buffers are stackable, that is, you may call ob_start() while another ob_start() is active.

Again got problem in saving the profile picture. The problem got solved by fetching the picture using $_FILES[‘file_name’][‘tmp_name’]

Got problem in database connectivity. So I revised the queries.

Resume Creating Service

Worked on the Resume Creation Module. The profile picture was not being displayed. But later on, the problem got solved. The image path was given according to the file system. It should have been given according to the localhost. So, after making changes, the profile picture was displayed correctly.

Also learned about the OOPS concepts in PHP like Classs,objects, Data Abstraction, Polymorphism, Overloading,etc.

Studied about sessions in PHP.

The Homepage

Began with the homepage this week. The home page consists of four pages. The first one will be the introductory page. Second page will have the option of Sign In and Register.

Designed the UI part of these two pages first.

The third page lists all the services provided by the website and the fourth page contains the subscription option.

I was getting problem in implementing the search functionality. I was not getting proper results. But then, I found that the constraints were not correct. After modifying the code, the searched worked well.

The Project Begins

I started with my six months project Online Job Portal this week. First of all, the problem was defined correctly and the user requirements were gathered.

I have thought of the main functions which will be provided by the website.

  • A basic Authentication system
  • A Search Engine
  • Apply Job option for Job Seekers and Post Job option for Employers
  • Resume Creation service
  • News Letter service

Began with the registration form this week. The database also needs to be developed for this. The main tables to be included are : Jobs, Job Seeker, Employer.

Then implemented the login and logout facility.


Learning Object Oriented Concepts

This week, we were taught the object oriented concepts. Object-oriented programming is a style of coding that allows developers to group similar tasks into classes. This helps keep code following the tenet “don’t repeat yourself” and easy-to-maintain.

First we were told about the benefits of the DRY Programming. Then we understood the basic concepts of objects and classes.

We learned about the syntax of class.

After creating the class, a new class can be instantiated and stored in a variable using the new keyword:

 $obj = new MyClass; 

Methods are class-specific functions.

Also learned about public,private and protected properties of the classes.

A Simple Contact Form in PHP


<p>Required fields are <b>bold</b></p>

<form action="contact.php" method="post">
<p><b>Your Name:</b> <input type="text" name="yourname" /><br />
<b>Subject:</b> <input type="text" name="subject" /><br />
<b>E-mail:</b> <input type="text" name="email" /><br />
Website: <input type="text" name="website"></p>

<p>Do you like this website?
<input type="radio" name="likeit" value="Yes" checked="checked" /> Yes
<input type="radio" name="likeit" value="No" /> No
<input type="radio" name="likeit" value="Not sure" /> Not sure</p>

<p>How did you find us?
<select name="how">
<option value=""> -- Please select -- </option>
<option>Link from a website</option>
<option>Word of mouth</option>

<p><b>Your comments:</b><br />
<textarea name="comments" rows="10" cols="40"></textarea></p>

<p><input type="submit" value="Send it!"></p>

<p> </p>
<p>Powered by <a href="">PHP form</a></p>



Basics Of PHP

Started with making some basic programs in PHP using loops,arrays and basic conditional statements.
Learned about the concept of functions in PHP and some predefined functions in PHP and built in string functions of PHP like strtoupper(),strtolower(),strtotime(),Ucword(),Ucfirst().

Then we learnt about the PHP database functions. These functions provide access to the MySQL database. The most important ones are the :

  • $db = mysql_connect($dbms_location)
  • mysql_select_db($db_name, $db)
  • $result = mysql_query($sql, $db)
  • mysql_error()
  • mysql_num_rows($result)