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Recording Session in Terminal

Handed over your system to one of your notorious friend and worried what he’ll do with it.Recording the session can be helpful in keeping track of whatever he has done.Similar needs may arise due to various reasons.

Instead of installing a GUI software,you can record the session with a simple one line command.Just open the terminal and type:

ffmpeg  -f  x11grab  -s  wxga  -r  25  -i  :0.0  -sameq  <file-name>.mpg

  • -f : force-format
  • -r : Sets frame-rate
  • -s : sets size (wxga=1366*768)
  • -i : input-file

If ffmpeg in not installed,simply install it with:

sudo apt-get install ffmpeg

Child’s play,isnt it? Happy recording.  🙂